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Hospital Staff - Animal Caretakers

Traci Graydon, Animal CaretakerAnimal Caretaker Traci joined the Brookfield team in February of 2015. She loves all animals and has a special place in her heart for dogs. She is currently participating in the running start program through her high school, and is attending several college classes to get a head start on her college career. She is working towards attending Washington State University’s veterinary school and hopes to become a veterinarian in the future.

Traci loves to spend her free time with her two dogs. Max, her senior Cocker Spaniel mix, enjoys spending his days lounging in the sun and snuggling with his family. Brizo, her Great Dane, is the perfect hiking buddy and can be found frequenting the trails in Cougar Mountain and Snoqualmie with Traci.

Jenny, Animal CaretakerJenny joined Brookfield’s Animal Caretaker staff in the spring of 2016. She has a longstanding love of animals (especially cats!) and has always known she wanted to work with them. Jenny has a degree in culinary art, as well as her veterinary assistant certification, and is very interested in pursuing additional schooling to become a licensed veterinary technician in the future.

Outside of Brookfield, family is very important to Jenny. She enjoys spending time with her boyfriend and sister and their menagerie of pets: 5 cats, 2 dogs, a tarantula, and a Russian tortoise. Other pastimes include going for walks with her dogs, Psyclone and Meme, painting, drawing, and doing yoga. Jenny also enjoys reading a good book while cuddling with at least one of the kitties.

Madison, Animal CaretakerMadison joined the Brookfield team in September of 2016. She fell in love with animals at a very young age and has wanted to work with them ever since. Madison is a senior in high school and a participant in the running start program. As of now, her dream is to go into the anthropology/archaeology field or pursue a career in the veterinary field.

Outside of work and school, Madison enjoys spending time with her dogs, especially her new puppy, and her family. She also likes getting outside and practicing her photography skills or going on a nice hike with her sister. Her main passion is traveling, she loves going on as many adventures as possible and is currently planning her next big trip for the summer.

Derek joined Brookfield as an Animal Caretaker in August of 2017. He grew up in Delaware in an animal loving family where pets often outnumbered people three to one. With his recent move to Duvall, Washington, he chose to pursue his dream of working with animals. Derek has loved all the learning opportunities he has been given at the hospital.

Derek moved to the west coast in 2011 for the mountains and adventures. Later he and his girlfriend found their love of Washington’s communities and scenery. His other passion and previous work is in sustainable farming and livestock. Goats are his favorite. In his free time Derek can be found hiking, down by the river, or playing banjo in the sun.

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