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Hospital Staff - Client Relations

Timea, Client RelationsTimea is absolutely ecstatic about working towards pursuing her career in the veterinary field. She noticed her love for animals very early on in life. Her favorite part about working with clients is going the extra mile to put a smile on someone's face, as well as seeing the adorable patients they bring in each day.

Outside of work, Timea spends every waking moment with her dogs. If you can't find her walking on a trail, then she's probably at home cuddling with her pack. Timea's never been happier than since she's had her Siberian huskies: Duke, as well as her boyfriend's husky, Sky. She also has a holland lop, Vanilla, and three hermit crabs. Timea also enjoys traveling, watching football, working out, and spending time with her family.

ChloeChloe is our funny, bossy, clinic cat who is full of sass. She is treated like royalty, often found being toted around on one of our staff's shoulders. She is presented with daily feasts, treats, new "hidey-holes" and comfy beds. She is absolutely adored, attitude and all. She is very mischievous and not overly excited to meet new animals, so she spends her days lounging with the treatment nurses. She oversees all the feedings of our boarding patients as well, just in case they decide to share. We took Chloe in when her owners couldn't keep her and we feel blessed every day.

Jennifer—Photo and bio coming soon.

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