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Hospital Staff - Client Relations

Stephanie joined the BVH team in July 2018 with two years’ veterinary experience. Prior to working in veterinary medicine, Stephanie was a librarian for 20 years before relocating from Atlanta to Seattle with her partner, Matt and their three high maintenance rescue dachshunds. Outside of work, Stephanie loves reading ear round, moves and bowling in the rainy season, exploring Washington by camping and kayaking in the summer months.

Alyssa joined the BVH team in September 2018. Alyssa joins the team with three years’ veterinary experience. She graduated from Central Washington University with a BA in Biology with an emphasis in Veterinary Medicine. Alyssa grew up on a farm and always knew that she wanted to work in veterinary medicine. Alyssa loves having the opportunity to work closely with the animals and have doctors who truly care for them. Outside of the clinic, Alyssa enjoys photography, painting, attending basketball and baseball games and hanging out with her husband and cat, O’Malley.

Cheyenne joined the staff in April 2018 as an animal care taker and transitioned into client relations over the summer. Cheyenne has enjoyed learning as much as she can about veterinary medicine. She loves being surrounded by her team and loves interacting with all of the hospitals cute patients! Cheyenne is currently enrolled in PIMA’s Medical’s Veterinary Assistant Program and plans to continue on in their Veterinary Technician program. Cheyenne has one dog, Dora, one cat, Beerus and two bearded dragons, Harvey Dent and Saphira. When not working, Cheyenne enjoys reading, playing video games and painting.

ChloeChloe is our funny, bossy, clinic cat who is full of sass. She is treated like royalty, often found being toted around on one of our staff's shoulders. She is presented with daily feasts, treats, new "hidey-holes" and comfy beds. She is absolutely adored, attitude and all. She is very mischievous and not overly excited to meet new animals, so she spends her days lounging with the treatment nurses. She oversees all the feedings of our boarding patients as well, just in case they decide to share. We took Chloe in when her owners couldn't keep her and we feel blessed every day.