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Hospital Staff - Veterinary Technicians and Nurses

Audrey Hamilton, Head Licensed Inpatient Nurse The in-patient coordinator and lead veterinary technician at Brookfield Veterinary Hospital since 2007, Audrey is proud to be part of the friendly, caring staff at the hospital and enjoys providing high-quality care for pets.

While her spare time is devoted to her son, she also enjoys boating, skiing, going on vacations and being a car enthusiast with her husband. The family also includes two cats, Squishy and Pacino.

Chris Campbell Chris joined Brookfield Veterinary Hospital in February 2013, working as both in patient and out patient nurse. She thoroughly enjoys working with animals and the other Brookfield staff. She is enrolled in school to become a licensed Veterinary Technician. Her time spent outside of work includes caring for the inhabitants of a small farm in Redmond, hiking, and partaking in adventures with friends and family.

Ava Randal, Kennel AssistantAva joined the staff of Brookfield Veterinary Hospital in late 2010 after moving from Michigan. Ava and her, now, husband drove cross country in a Jetta with two cats, a rabbit and a lizard in tow! Soon after moving to Washington, while working at the Seattle Humane Society, Ava unexpectedly had her heart stolen by an 8 year old Cocker Spaniel named Lola. Lola was a very special part of Ava’s life and became a beloved addition to the Brookfield family. Lola was Ava's doggie soul mate, but she fostered in her a love of senior pets because they have so much love to give and are so appreciative of the love we have to offer them.

Ava is the zone coordinator of the outpatient nurses and oversees the training of new hires, maintains order in the pharmacy, and assists the veterinarians with appointments. She is an excellent teacher and contributes a wealth of knowledge to the rest of the staff. Ava enjoys continuing her education in the veterinary field and the daily challenges that it can bring. In her free time, Ava enjoys roller blading, roller skating, watching movies, hiking, playing soccer and exploring the Seattle area with her husband. Together, they have a menagerie which currently consists of three cats, Fig, Kevin, and Wiley, one dog, Jade, a lizard named Willow, and a rabbit named Ansel.


Peircen joined the Brookfield staff in January of 2017, but has been in the veterinary industry for two years. She works as both an inpatient and outpatient nurse but is very flexible in all positions of the hospital.

She is currently in school for her veterinary technician’s license and hopes to be licensed by January 2019. Her favorite part of working in the veterinary field is working with our feline friends as well as connecting with the clients.

Outside of work, she volunteers at a parrot sanctuary. Her hobbies include playing board games, baking, painting, spending time with her cats, volunteering, and brewing beer. Peircen has three kitties at home who are her pride and joy: Waffle, Toby, and Boots.

TrillionTrillion, Nurse

Trillion joined the Brookfield team in the winter of 2017. What she loves most about being a veterinary nurse is being able to help animals and provide their parents with a sense of relief and security knowing that their fur-baby is in good hands. She is also very passionate about advocating for people’s pets because they are unable to speak for themselves and tell us what is wrong.

Trillion is currently attending Arizona State University to obtain her Bachelor Degree in Political Science. Once completing this degree, her goal is to return to school and pursue a license as a Veterinary Technician.

Outside of work, Trillion enjoys going hiking and camping with her dog, Kota. She also loves to cook and travel to new places. Yoga and gardening are several other pastimes she partakes in.

ShannonShannon, LVT

Shannon joined the Brookfield team in the summer of 2017. She has been in the veterinary field as a nurse for 8 years with her experience solely in emergency/critical care. She has a passion for client education and orthopedic surgeries. What she loves most about being a veterinary nurse is being able to help animals and provide their parents with a sense of relief and security knowing that their fur-baby is in good hands.

Outside of work, Shannon enjoys spending time camping and traveling with her 2 year old daughter and husband. Traveling to new countries, riding dirt bikes, gardening, and fishing are several other pastimes she loves to partake in. She currently has two dogs, a cat and a horse - she says she will always have at least one of each!

MauraMaura, LVT

Maura biography coming soon!