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Hospital Staff - Veterinary Technicians and Nurses

Audrey Hamilton, Head Licensed Inpatient Nurse The in-patient coordinator and lead veterinary technician at Brookfield Veterinary Hospital since 2007, Audrey is proud to be part of the friendly, caring staff at the hospital and enjoys providing high-quality care for pets.

While her spare time is devoted to her son, she also enjoys boating, skiing, going on vacations and being a car enthusiast with her husband. The family also includes two cats, Squishy and Pacino.


Margaret loves helping out her colleagues at Brookfield Veterinary Hospital any way she can and appreciates the continuous learning opportunities at work. She is currently a pre-veterinary student at the University of Washington.

Born and raised in Seattle, Margaret has been riding horses most of her life and has a young horse named Riley that she is training in dressage. At home, she has a rabbit named Blue, a cat named Rionna, and fish.

Outside work, Margaret enjoys traveling, reading, and hiking. She supports the World Wildlife Fund and is interested in conservation.

Rachelle Jensen Rachelle has been an in-patient nurse for Brookfield since April of 2014. Her love for animals sparked at a young age and continued through college, where she received her bachelors of Wildlife Biology in April of 2012. She is now continuing her education and pursuing her Vet Tech degree.

In her free time she enjoys taking her dog, Zoey to the park to play ball and cuddling with her kitty, Theodore. She also loves cooking (especially when it involves pumpkin), reading, hiking, going to the gym and watching Parks and Recreation.

Chris Campbell Chris joined Brookfield Veterinary Hospital in February 2013, working as both in patient and out patient nurse. She thoroughly enjoys working with animals and the other Brookfield staff. She is enrolled in school to become a licensed Veterinary Technician. Her time spent outside of work includes caring for the inhabitants of a small farm in Redmond, hiking, and partaking in adventures with friends and family.

Ava Randal, Kennel AssistantAva joined the staff of Brookfield Veterinary Hospital in late 2010 after moving to Redmond from Michigan with her two cats named Kevin and Gambit, rabbit named Hazel and lizard named Willow in-tow. She works primarily as an Inpatient Nurse assisting with surgeries and other aspects of inpatient care and is training to also perform outpatient nursing duties as well.

As a new employee at Brookfield, Ava says she feels lucky to be part of a staff that is so focused on teaching and sharing their knowledge. She adds that she has learned quite a bit and continues to learn new and interesting skills and pet care knowledge each day.

Beyond the pets she moved to Redmond with her, Ava has adopted a Cocker Spaniel named Lola from the Seattle Humane Society. In her free time, she enjoys taking Lola on long walks, rollerblading, and exploring the Seattle area.

MacKenzie, Veterinary NurseMackenzie joined the Brookfield team in August of 2015.

Born and raised in the greater Seattle area, she has grown up working with a wide range of animals including (but not limited to) cats, dogs, horses, sheep, birds, and rodents. She loves being a part of the learning community here at Brookfield and aspires to one day use her background in Environmental Science and her passion for animal medicine to make a difference as a wildlife field veterinarian. While she aims for veterinary school though, she finds great joy in expanding her experience with the family at Brookfield.

At home Mackenzie has quite a few fur babies: three sheep, Ingrid, Agnes, and Willow, as well as a cat named Sosa and two dogs, Joey and Sebastian.

Aside from working with animals Mackenzie loves to travel, do crossword puzzles, and get outside with family and friends. Her favorite hobbies include hiking, soccer, surfing, and downhill skiing, and in her rare free time she can be found around local coffee shops absorbed in the latest riveting novel.

Samantha, Client RelationsSamantha has been a member of the Brookfield team since 2013. She began as a member of the Client Relations team and has recently transitioned into an outpatient nurse. Her love for animals started at a young age and has only grown since. She enjoys working with both the patients and the clients, and is eager to learn more about the veterinary field. Samantha enjoys helping out Thursday evenings at our puppy play group. She has two fur-babies named Jiggy and Monty, and is eager to get another. In her free time she likes to watch any Seattle sports games, hiking, snowboarding, paddle boarding, hot yoga, playing catch, and visiting her family in Alaska.