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Brookfield Veterinary Hospital Ava


Ava joined the staff of Brookfield Veterinary Hospital in late 2010 after moving from Michigan. Ava and her, now, husband drove cross country in a Jetta with two cats, a rabbit and a lizard in tow! Soon after moving to Washington, while working at the Seattle Humane Society, Ava unexpectedly had her heart stolen by an 8 year old Cocker Spaniel named Lola. Lola was a very special part of Ava’s life and became a beloved addition to the Brookfield family. Lola was Ava's doggie soul mate, but she fostered in her a love of senior pets because they have so much love to give and are so appreciative of the love we have to offer them.

Ava is the zone coordinator of the outpatient nurses and oversees the training of new hires, maintains order in the pharmacy, and assists the veterinarians with appointments. She is an excellent teacher and contributes a wealth of knowledge to the rest of the staff. Ava enjoys continuing her education in the veterinary field and the daily challenges that it can bring.

In her free time, Ava enjoys roller blading, roller skating, watching movies, hiking, playing soccer and exploring the Seattle area with her husband. Together, they have a menagerie which currently consists of three cats, Fig, Kevin, and Wiley, one dog, Jade, a lizard named Willow, and a rabbit named Ansel.